Accelerometer Calibration Workstation

Calibration Precision, World Class Uncertainty | Model 9155D

The Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Model 9155D offers accurate back-to-back comparison calibrations of ICP® (IEPE) and charge mode piezoelectric accelerometers in accordance with ISO 16063-21. The 9155D system also calibrates piezoresistive (MEMS), capacitive, and velocity sensors via available options.

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As part of PCB Piezotronics, the world leader in piezoelectric and measurement grade MEMS accelerometers, The Modal Shop offers Accelerometer Calibration Systems that deliver precision instrumentation for control and confidence. Users from the world's largest aerospace companies and automotive manufacturers, to research labs and consumers projects, place their trust in our systems to deliver an accurate, high throughput calibration process.


  • Assures accurate, NIST and PTB traceable calibrations
  • Turnkey system includes all necessary components
  • Calibrations typically performed in under a minute per axis
  • Setup tests, acquire data, save results, and print reports quickly
  • Define multiple pass/fail criteria with automatic recall from internal database
  • Print customizable ISO 17025 compliant certificates
  • Local language software via languages database

Calibration Exciters

Available Vibration and Shock Calibration Options

ApplicationRangeSystem OptionShaker Model
Shock Accelerometer Calibration20 – 10 000 g9155D-5259525C
Low Frequency Calibration0.5 – 500 Hz9155D-7712129E025
Ultra-Low Frequency Calibration0.1 – 500 Hz9155D-7792129E025
Broad Frequency Calibration5 – 15 000 Hz9155D-830CK394B30C
Extended High Frequency Calibration5 – 20 000 Hz9155D-831K394B31
Heavy Payload10 – 10 000 Hz9155D-8752075E-875


System Options

For a complete list of options, please visit our Dynamic Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155D Options page.

9155D-100Rack Integration system components in 19 in equipment rack
9155D-350Automated Label Printing includes label printer
9155D-400Automated TEDS Sensor Support requires 9155D-443
9155D-501Automated Linearity Check, up to 40 g pk requires 9155D-830 or 9155D-831
9155D-550Automated Resonance Test, up to 50 kHz requires 9155D-830 or 9155D-831
9155D-575Laser Primary System, includes two dual pass laser interferometers and accessories
9155D-600Automated Velocity Sensor Calibration
9155D-650Automated 4-20 mA Velocity Sensor Calibration


Typical Measurement Uncertainty [1] [2]
5 Hz to 9 Hz1.7%
10 Hz to 99 Hz1.2%
100 Hz0.75%
101 Hz to 920 Hz1.0%
921 Hz to 5 000 Hz1.4%
5 001 Hz to 10 000 Hz1.9%
10 001 Hz to 15 000 Hz2.2%
15 001 Hz to 20 000 Hz2.8%

[1] Random component estimates significantly affected by shaker selection and environmental conditions
[2] Best measurement uncertainty available with recalibration of reference sensors via primary standards

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The Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Model 9155 is a turnkey solution that provides all the necessary components out of the box. Principal components include a Windows PC Controller, software, printer and 24-bit data acquisition card and software. System options allow custom configuration of the modular system with a variety of calibration-grade exciter systems, accelerometer signal conditioning, test software modules and mounting accessories.