Proximity Probe Calibration and Testing

Calibrating and Validating Proximity Probes with Portable Vibration Calibrator

9100-ppa01 proximity probe calibration kit product 3Non-contact proximity probes – or eddy current probes – are used to monitor vibration on the world’s most critical rotating equipment such as turbines and compressors. These transducers are reliable and accurate but are more complex to install correctly than other vibration instrumentation. Incorrect impedance leads to false alarms or catastrophic failures. Gap voltage alone is incapable of detecting such faults. Portable Vibration Calibrators identify incorrect probe sensitivity which leads to improper alarm operation. Calibrators test proximity probes dynamically, mechanically simulating the shaft motion that the probes will measure while in use. Pass your audit by quickly and easily creating probe calibration reports via a calibrator’s memory as opposed to manually charting voltage output vs. gap.


How to Loop Check & Calibrate a Bently Nevada ProxPac®
Learn how to install the 9100-PPASH Proximity Probe Stinger Holder, perform a loop check, and calibrate a Proximity Probe. Model 9100-PPASH proximity probe stinger housing mounting assembly accommodates the common proximity probe transducer housing assemblies found on the market. | VIDEO

Loop Check Proximity Probes without Removing from Housing
Simplify the process of proximity probe calibration and proximity probe loop checks. Watch how these sensors can be validated without removing their housing, also known as a probe sleeve or stinger, eliminating damage concerns during this step in calibration. | VIDEO

Proximity Probe Cabling Errors
In this tutorial, learn how to detect proximity probe cabling errors, the most common cause of false or late vibration alarms for critical rotating equipment. | VIDEO

Mounting Proximity Probes for Testing and Calibration
Let’s keep it simple - quick proximity probe mounting tips for calibration or field testing of vibration alarms using a Portable Vibration Calibrator. | VIDEO

Create Proximity Probe Calibration Certificates
Learn how to produce calibration certificates during dynamic proximity probe calibration using a Portable Vibration Calibrator. | VIDEO

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Eddy Current Probe Gap Voltage Corrections
Gap voltage corrections can lead to increased errors due to incorrect cable lengths and types. How can you use dynamic calibration to identify these errors?