Industrial Vibration Validation Applications

Loop Checks, Vibration Alarm Testing, and Calibration

pvc critical alarms application 2

Vibration Alarm Loop Checks

Loop check industrial vibration alarms to ensure vibration monitoring systems are working as expected to protect valuable assets.

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Vibration Analyzer and Meter Calibration

Ensure the accuracy of vibration analyzers and vibration meters used in route-based industrial vibration monitoring.

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9100-ppa01 proximity probe calibration kit product 3

Proximity Probe Calibration and Testing

Validate and calibrate proximity probes in the field. Create static DC probe curves and perform dynamic proximity probe tests.

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Vibration Switch Validation

Test, adjust, and validate the operation of vibration switches used in industrial vibration monitoring.

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Seismic Vibration Monitoring Testing

Test and calibrate low frequency accelerometers and vibration monitoring systems on-site.

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pvc 9110d with cal cert and sensors product 1

How to Calibrate Industrial Vibration Sensors

Create NIST-traceable, ISO-compliant calibration certificates for accelerometers, 4-20 mA vibration sensors, proximity probes, and more.

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