Vibration Test Shakers

Exciters for Vibration Testing and Modal Analysis

stp vibration shaker family product 1Vibration shakers from The Modal Shop offer a wide range of options from miniature inertial shakers to large vibration test shakers. Designed for applications ranging from laboratory research to automotive and aerospace component testing, this versatile line of shakers offers force ratings from 2 lbf (9 N) to 500 lbf (2224 N).

Miniature inertial shakers facilitate testing in hard to reach locations. The miniature SmartShaker™ Series serves as an all-in-one modal and vibration shaker with built-in power amplifier. Dual Purpose Vibration Test Shaker Models 2025E-HF, 2075E, and 2110E are designed with a platform for vibration testing and through-hole armature for modal testing, delivering a unique solution for a variety of applications. A 500 lbf Vibration Shaker completes the line to support active vibration control tests.

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Shaker ModelMax Force
lbf (N) pk
Max Frequency
Hz [2]
In (mm) pk‑pk
lb (kg)
2002E2 (9)3 0000.35 (8.9)0.56 (0.25)Inertial
SmartShaker™ K2004E01 [1]4.5 (20)11 0000.2 (5)7 (3)Mini with Integrated Amp
2004E [1]4.5 (20)11 0000.2 (5)6 (3)Mini
SmartShaker™ K2007E01 [1]7 (31)9 0000.5 (13)7 (3)Mini with Integrated Amp
2007E [1]7 (31)9 0000.5 (13)6 (3)Mini
2025E-HF13 (58)20 0000.5 (13)11 (5)Dual Purpose
2075E75 (334)6 5001.0 (25)35 (16)Dual Purpose
2110E110 (489)6 5001.0 (25)54 (25)Dual Purpose
2500E500 (2224)4 5001.0 (25)475 (215)Vibration Test

[1] Models 2004E, 2007E, and SmartShaker™ have no through-hole armature
[2] Load dependent