Portable Vibration Shaker Tables and Calibrators

Validate Industrial Vibration Measurement Channels

  • Portable Vibration Shaker Tables

    Portable Vibration Shaker Tables allow you to loop check and validate accelerometers, velocity transducers, proximity probes, vibration monitoring systems, vibration analyzers and more. These rugged, mobile shaker tables bring sensor testing to the plant floor. Broad frequency and low frequency Shaker Tables are available.

  • Portable Vibration Calibrators

    With the capabilities of Portable Vibration Shaker Tables plus built-in sensor input and sensitivity display, Portable Vibration Calibrators are ideal for sensor and vibration channel validation and calibration. Semi-automated testing offers the simplicity of pre-programmed pass/fail results display. Broad frequency, low frequency, and charge mode Portable Vibration Calibrators are available.

  • Digital Vibration Monitoring Tools

    Enhance your vibration monitoring program with easy-to-use digital vibration monitoring tools from The Modal Shop. With its plug and play and simplicity, Digiducer® Digital Vibration Meter Kits offer a compact solution for quality high resolution and broad frequency vibration measurements.

  • tms 9100 mntkit product 1


    Accessories to help with mounting a variety of sensors and performing proximity probe calibrations are available: