Larson Davis Sound Level Meter Rental

Sound Level Meters and Complete Noise Measurement Kits

When performing acoustic testing, choosing the proper sound level meter testing system is key. The Modal Shop's Rental Program offers proven solutions for noise level measurement and noise monitoring. With a variety of capabilities and available kit configurations, The Modal Shop can help you meet your testing goals. Meters are available for both short and long term rentals. Click the links below for more detailed information on individual meters and kits. Please contact the rental team for more information.

Meter Capabilities831C821ENV831LxT
Type/Class11 / 211 / 2
Dynamic Range>120 dB>120 dB>120 dB>100 dB
Simultaneous 1/1 and 1/3 Octave✓* ✓*✓*
Selectable 1/1 or 1/3 Octave✓*✓*✓*✓*
Logging – Level vs Time
Logging – Spectra vs Time ✓*✓*✓* 
Real-Time Email or Text Alerts   
WiFi/Ethernet Connectivity   
Supports USB Hub Connection   
GPS and NTS Time Sync✓*   
Sound Recording✓* ✓* 
Outdoor Kits Available✓*✓*✓*✓*
LN Statistics – Broadband
LN Statistics – Spectral✓* ✓* 
Frequency Analysis – FFT✓* ✓* 
Building Acoustics✓* ✓* 
Noise Generator✓* ✓* 
Reverberation Time✓* ✓* 
Dose – personal daily noise exposure ✓*

✓ – Included in Rental System
✓* – Option for Rental System

  • Sound Level Meter SoundAdvisor Model 831C

    Larson Davis SoundAdvisor Model 831C is the most versatile tool for handheld dB measurements with optional sound recording, 1/1 and 1/3 octave band analysis, and more, plus connectivity for remote noise monitoring.

  • Sound Level Meter SoundExpert Model 821ENV

    Larson Davis SoundExpert Sound Level Meter Model 821ENV offers an easy-to-navigate, responsive touchscreen display. SoundExpert offers powerful tools paired with ease of use and low-power operation.

  • Sound Level Meter Model LxT

    Larson Davis Sound Level Meter Model LxT is ideal for basic noise measurements and remote noise measurement deployment with up to 2 weeks of unattended continuous data logging.

  • Legacy Sound Level Meters

    Other solutions, including sound level meters such as Larson Davis Models 820, 824, and 3000+ or Bruel & Kjaer Type 2250 are also available. Contact our team for selection assistance.