CubeSat Vibration Testing with

Standardized Vibration Test Fixture | Model 2000X15

Streamline your CubeSat vibration testing with Modal-Pod™ Model 2000X15, a CubeSat test fixture which provides a broader standard mounting fixture to meet the standardized sizing of 1U, 2U, and 3U CubeSats. With the common fixture base that is built to interface directly with The Modal Shop’s Model 2500E 500 lbf vibration shaker, the user can quickly mount up to 3U size satellites in horizontal or vertical configurations for critical vibration qualification and acceptance testing based on NASA or other standards to ensure survivability during launch.  Installing and configuring the Modal-Pod from Model 2500E shaker is easy using included screws and tools.  The simple removal also allows the shaker to easily be used for testing of sub-assemblies mounted either directly to the shaker, via Model 2000X14 head expander, or with optional slip table for additional component level vibration testing.


  • Supports the mounting of various size CubeSats (up to 3U) to the shaker in different orientations
  • Includes lightweight magnesium mounting fixture, dummy payloads, mounting accessories, and a heavy-duty case
  • Simplifies qualification testing of CubeSats to NASA testing or other standards

Model 2000X15 - Base

Dimensions in inches

Model 2000X15 - 1U Top Plate

Dimensions in inches

Model 2000X15 - 3U Top Plate

Dimensions in inches

Base9.25 lb4.18 kg
1U Top Plate0.75 lb0.33 kg
3U Top Plate1.94 lb0.87 kg