Modal Shaker 13 lbf

Experimental Modal Testing Exciter | Model 2025E

The Modal Shop’s Modal Shaker Model 2025E, a very lightweight electrodynamic modal exciter, is capable of providing up to 13 lbf (58 N) of peak force excitation in a small footprint weighing just 13 lb (6 kg). With a 0.7 in (18 mm) general purpose stroke and useful frequency range beyond 9 kHz, the 2025E is suitable for structural testing and experimental modal analysis applications, including single and multiple inputs (SIMO and MIMO) using random, burst random, sine dwell, or chirp excitation signals.



  • Through-hole armature with chuck and collet attachment provides simple set-up with modal stingers
  • Lightweight and portable – weighing just 13 lb (6 kg) with an approximately 5 in (125 mm) square footprint
  • Trunnion base provides flexibility and easy set-up when aligning the shaker and choosing best exciter location(s)
  • 0.7 in stroke and broad frequency range supply adequate input energy for most small to mid-sized modal test applications
  • Ambient air cooling sufficient to meet full shaker performance (13 lbf/58N) specifications

The 2025E modal exciter is supplied in a trunnion base allowing full rotation for easy set-up. The through-hole armature design with chuck and collet attachment is ideal for use with either traditional modal stinger rods or piano wire stingers. These stingers greatly simplify test set-up with an easy connection to the force sensor and test structure, and help decouple cross-axis force inputs, minimizing input force measurement errors while using the modal shaker.


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 2025E ShakerK2025E013 Kit
Force Rating – lbf (N)13 (58)
Max Frequency – Hz [1]9 000
Max Stroke – in (mm) pk-pk0.7 (18)
Shaker Model2025E
Amplifier Model-2100E21-400
Accessories Included

[1] Load dependent


HardwareTrunnion base with EasyTurn™ handles
Shaker cable 10 ft (3 m)
Chuck with collets
10-32 mounting adaptor
Stinger Kits2150G12
PCB 288D01ICP® impedance head driving point sensor
PCB 208PCB 208 series ICP® force sensors